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S3:E17 A Tale of Poes and Fire

Many unconnected things are happening in this episode. Maybe they are all preludes to big change. Rory is compiling pros and cons between Yale and Harvard. Sookie is acting weirder than usual. Jess is moving up at Walmart. Lorelai has to handle the fire that threatens the future of the Independence Inn. Kirk has a new shirt business. Change is afoot in Stars Hollow!

“Babette ate oatmeal” – Kirk’s t-shirts

I wish I knew more than a few Edgar Allan Poe poems. Maybe there’s a connection between Poe, or a Poe poem and the fire at The Independence Inn that my limited Poe knowledge prevents me from seeing.

A big mystery to me in this episode is why Mia doesn’t show up. Is she only ever present to illustrate a point of contention between Emily and Lorelai? I mean, HER INN WAS ON FIRE. I feel like that warrants a trip to Stars Hollow. Or at least a phone call to tell her that the INN WAS ON FIRE. I feel like Mia has left Lorelai floating in the wind on this one or maybe it’s the other way around. It really doesn’t seem characteristic of the personality for Mia I’ve formed in my mind.

S3:E16 The Big One

Pack your chastity belt, Gilmore! You’re going to Harvard! –Paris

The Big One is a fantastically entertaining episode! It’s filled with break downs, come backs and naps.

The episode is loosely based on announcements. Rory is waiting and hoping for the Big Envelope from the schools she applied to so she can announce when she has gotten into one. Sookie figures out and announces that she is pregnant.

Some of these announcements lead to the break downs of various characters. Kirk has a breakdown delivering the mail in a habitual and unorganized manner. Not directly related to anyone’s news, unless you count that he would be the carrier of any big envelope Rory is hoping to receive.

Sookie’s baby news directly leads to Jackson’s preemptive baby-safety break down where he tries to make her get rid of basic cooking tool necessities.  Mr. 4 Babies in 4 Years obviously wasn’t thinking things through.

The most heart wrenching, yet commical break down would be Paris announcing her rejection from Harvard while simultaneously announcing she did the deed with her boyfriend during what was to be a shining speech moment for she and Rory on C-SPAN.

Great moments include that Max is back! I love him! Smell ya’ later, Alex! Of course, the best moment of the episode is that Richard Gilmore took a nap during the C-SPAN debacle.


S3:E15 Face-Off


“It’s French.” – Rory

I find it very disappointing that after all of his efforts to snag Rory, Jess is not always ready to make plans with her. Why don’t they just have a standing date for every weekend?

OMIGOSH. Why am I still surprised that Lorelai is going on a date with that Alex? When is this going to taper off? As many times as I’ve watched this, I always forget about Alex.

I love the clever plots Dave and Lane come up with to see each other! Although I love it more that Dave gets jealous and runs across Stars Hollow to see Lane at the hockey game. Young love.

My favorite scene in this episode (besides seeing Patty and Babette singing the National Anthem and Kirk announcing the game details) is, without a doubt, when Emily catches Trix kissing the man in the purple jogging suit. I actually rewind this part a few times because her back out is hilarious.

Purple track suit
purple jogging suit smooch

Ugh. Lindsay. Ugh. Rory has her own green-eyed-monster if you ask me. I understand her jealousy since Jess doesn’t quite treat her as well as Dean did. At least Jess redeemed himself by getting tickets to something Rory would really like. BUT she didn’t take Lorelai’s advice by not addressing his behavior.


S3:E14 Swan Song

This episode makes me cringe in the way that one does when they want their favorite characters to do something different. Mainly, I would like Rory to just forget about Dean’s feelings. I’m not sure why she cares about them at this point. Harsh, but true since she did essentially choose Jess over Dean. The other cringeworthy action is Jess hiding how he obtained his black eye. Granted, I don’t think anyone would believe the swan incident, but he could’ve pulled out the football excuse when he needed to have dinner with Emily.

Oh, also, the lame Alex is back in this episode. I blame him for how bad Friday Night Dinner went because Lorelei wasn’t there to run interference.

I wish this episode would’ve been long enough so we could see the majority of Patty’s show so we could all buckle-up.

Patty's Gams

S3:E13 Dear Emily and Richard

Why, oh why, do Lorelai and Rory not take Richard and Emily up in the offer to fund their Europe trip?

“If it’ll make you happy, we’ll go to Paris and eat out of their dumpster.” — Lorelai Gilmore

I really enjoy the flashbacks of high-school age Christopher and Lorelai. First, they explain Lorelai’s interest in backpacking in Europe with Rory…then they explain a whole lot more. I think the actress who plays young Lorelai really seems like her. I am also focused on how Christopher kind of created the idea that Lorelai could just leave the Gilmore’s if she wanted. I’m sure it’s not a coincidence that young Lorelai is listening to “99 Luft Balloons” and wearing a big red sweater over her Rory-balloon-belly in the scene where she goes to the hospital to deliver. Although, I think that song is about war and lost dreams, which also seems appropriate. The flashbacks really point to why Lorelai chose to leave.

For someone who spends a lot of time battling her parents, Lorelai bringing Emily the DVD player AND an a very expensive selection of movies was quite a loving gesture. Lorelai loves her mother and doesn’t even really understand how much.

As many times as I’ve watched this episode, after thinking about how crappy Lorelai may feel about being present at the birth of Rory’s half-sister, all I can ever truly remember about it is Sherri’s crazy blonde hair! I’m fairly certain you aren’t supposed to dye your hair during pregnancy.

Also…May we all one day have the confidence of Miss Patty at a construction site.



S3:E12 Lorelai Out of Water


“Okay, okay, okay, Lor-e-lai…okay.” -Zach

The best thing in this episode is undoubtedly Lane’s hat. It’s got the little poems that look like bear ears. The only other thing I like in the episode is Lorelai’s fishing outfit…and another Rory robe.

Girl cute

Everything else upsets me. I don’t like the coffee guy (I guess his name is Alex) who takes Lorelai fishing. I don’t like Luke asking out Nicole. I also wish Mrs. Kim would just Lane love Dave.

S3:E11 I Solemnly Swear

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s Super Jackson and his atomic pea tendrils!” — Sookie

The Feldster, Bung. When was Sookie doing this summer job and hanging out with these people? Is she not originally from Stars Hollow? I have no idea! But her guy friend knew about the “old 52 inch Viking” stove she has at the Independence Inn. What the heck? Did she take a summer off from the Inn to do this? Were they friends for a while after that summer and drifted? Let’s note here that Sookie’s date pantomime is fantastic. Exactly how I would do it.


Another note: I don’t like the coffee guy. He’s really lack luster after Lorelai’s other love interests. Although he does have the coffee going for him.

.Coffee guy meh.

For some reason, I hate the storyline with Francie and Rory’s secret meetings. I’m annoyed that they met (even if I like the Godfather references)…I must be Paris.

The way Rory tells Lorelai how you present the truth makes something not lying is a very interesting concept.

Of course, the best scene in the episode is undoubtedly when Emily reads aloud the transcript from Lorelai’s deposition. I wonder why Lorelai had to be the one to give a deposition on Emily’s behalf. Maybe someone at the DAR would’ve been more effective.Deposition reading


S3:E10 That’ll Do, Pig

This episode is mildly laying the ground work for future Lane storylines. She has kind of a double-life as it is, but here we learn that Lane’s band will be practicing in Lorelai’s garage and that she is still a member of the Stars Hollow High Marching Band. Thus, we have defined the two sides of Lane.

Oh, Gran, back in Stars Hollow to ruin Emily’s week! I actually really like Gran and find her relationship with Richard to be very amusing. However, I like Emily more and the best scene in the entire episode is when Emily refuses to finish a course in the 12 minute eating allotment. Go, Emily, go!

My final thoughts are to tell Dean once again that he’s trying too hard. There was something exciting about Jess pursuing Rory, but Dean is not having the same effect. Now, I just want to tell Dean he should move on to the other fish in the Stars Hollow High sea. He shouldn’t want to date Rory anymore because she developed a crush on Jess while she was his girlfriend. Also, didn’t she kiss Jess at Sookie’s wedding while she was Dean’s girlfriend? (Well, Dean doesn’t know.) It’s hard to come back from that. Move on, Dean.



S3:E9 A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving

Well, so much for timing in my world! Last week was Thanksgiving in my world and in my blog world it’s Thanksgiving in Stars Hollow. I do find it surprising that Rory and Lorelai were invited to so many meals. I think back to Mrs. Kim’s disdain for Rory in the first season and have decided while she has become lighter towards Lane’s friendship with Rory, she’s gotten harder on Lane since the Henry debacle.

Another big question is who in the world are all the people dining with Sookie and Jackson. Where could he have gotten all of these strange, deep-frying friends? I do feel bad for Sookie, but happy to see at least she had a few drinks to chill out with.

Deep fryer

Attending Thanksgiving at Luke’s makes the most sense to me since a good portion of their meals are made in his kitchen anyway. To be fair, dinner with Emily and Richard seems right too since they mostly saw them on holidays before the Chilton-Friday-Night-Dinner requirement.

Food aside, Rory stifling the public displays of affection with Jess spells trouble to me. The jig is up, why hide it?

I also need to toss this out into the universe… Is Cat Kirk really a domesticated cat, or is Kirk mistaking another animal for a cat? Poor Kirk.

Cat Kirk

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