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S2:E22 I Can’t Get Started

I’m with Sookie on the wedding song. Very melodic and I too cannot imagine anyone listening to the lyrics when they are staring at everyone walking down the aisle at her wedding. So, now I must say…

“Oy, with the poodles already!”

That’s probably the most memorable line of the entire series and here we find it uttered in Season 2! It’s also fitting because there is so much to cover in this episode.

I am kind of sad that Luke isn’t being very friendly to Lorelai, although I understand his position after she flew off the handle and practically made him kick Jess out. However, I am also distracted because I’m fairly certain I have the same sweater from the GAP that Lorelai’s wearing. I also still wear it, so I’m doing a little math on the age of the sweater at this point in time.

On the subject of clothing during this episode, I am curious as to how Rory managed to get these panty hose on without runners while sporting the cast on her hand and wrist.

Clothing notes!

How random of Christopher to show up at Rory’s cast removal. Strange or convenient? Odder still if you notice Rory’s t-shirt has “strange” written across the front. I’m really surprised that Sookie accepts the kilt Jackson is supposed to wear in their wedding so quickly, but the subject does lead to a little flirtation between Christopher and Lorelai.

I couldn’t be more confused about what time it is when Lorelai comes downstairs and Rory accuses her eating table 5’s almonds. Lorelai seems to be wearing pajamas and Rory looks like she ready for Chilton. I see freshly brewed coffee (which means nothing for the time of day of a Gilmore Girl) and I could venture that’s morning light in the back window. The confusion is why is Paris calling while she is at school? Would kids be voting before school even starts? Seems odd to me for Paris to be at school, but that Rory isn’t.

This is such significant episode- there is so much to say:

– I absolutely think Christopher came to town to woo Lorelai since his relationship with Sherri is going down the tubes.

– I’m surprised Sookie shows up at the inn in her wedding dress and in full makeup. I do realize those dresses look more right when you have the makeup on though.

– Looking at Christopher and Lorelai together made me think about how Rory’s name could’ve/ maybe should’ve been Rory Hayden! (I can’t  believe this thought has never even crossed my mind over the years.)

– The exchange between Luke and Jess during his bid to return to Stars Hollow is pretty sweet. They clearly have a mutual like for one another. I wonder if Jess wants to be where Rory is, if he misses Luke, or wants to be away from his mother that much.

The saddest and most exciting moments of Season 2 happen in this episode! They lead everyone down different paths. Yes, I’m am referring to Lorelai being left by Christopher because Sherri is pregnant and the tears it brings to my eyes. Jess and Rory’s kiss is exhilarating because who would’ve expected her to initiate it! It sets the scene for future episodes.

Finally, the song “Waking After Midnight” performed by Lane, Maury and Kirk certainly lifts the spirits though.



S2:E21 Lorelai’s Graduation Day

How sweet it is for Sookie to make breakfast for our Gilmore Girls in light of Lorelai’s fight with Luke. I am totally surprised to find Jackson rather sleepy in her kitchen though. In my head, if Jackson is a produce man, he’s a farmer. Don’t farmers rise with the sun? Surely he should’ve been awake and on his way earlier. I also think it’s humorous that Sookie is wearing a chef’s coat at home!

I need to interject that we are now seeing a new “my life is rock” story arc open for Lane. The obsession with drumming leads her from now on. I also feel like it begins to lessen Lorelai and Rory’s focus on listening to good music. It just seems to take a backseat for them at this point.

Watching Lorelai cramming for her final test makes me shudder. I know the feeling of maximum capacity well. I like this scene because it reveals to me that the Gilmore Girls don’t just love coffee in quantity, but they also have a little coffee snobbery happening, hence the French press! To me, that’s fancy coffee. Also, maybe too much like cooking for them. If they ground their own beans for this I would be shocked.

Howdy French Press

Something else I’ve noticed about things around their house is that they must pull the tv out to watch it for movie nights. When Lorelai is celebrating the completion of her finals with margaritas, I notice that their tv is pushed off to the side of the fireplace! Although, my main focus during this scene is the random and seemingly mysterious call from Jess, who is in New York.

You can actually see the idea of skipping school to venture off to New York forming in Rory’s head while Paris complains when walking through the Chilton gates. I can hardly blame her though, I feel like the vague call from Jess the night before was practically an invitation to come and find him! It’s completely confirmed when Jess looks calm and pleased when she finds him in Washing Square Park!

Jess WSP

I think it’s wonderful that Emily wanted to take a video of Lorelai’s graduation ceremony. If she really didn’t want to be there, she wouldn’t have wanted to tape it to watch it again!

I know Lorelai really wanted Rory to be at her graduation, but in a way she ended up having a a really nice moment with her parents all to herself, watching her graduate. They have a real proud moment that almost brings tears to the eyes. I am sad she and Luke were in a fight because I feel like he would’ve attended otherwise.

Frankly  the saddest bit is that Rory left the Belinda-signed Bangles record on the bus! Insult added to injury!


S2:E20 Help Wanted

For starters, I still think it’s a lovely concept that Lorelai and Rory get up early enough to go to breakfast together every morning. I only drank a glass of chocolate milk for breakfast when I was in high school, so this wouldn’t have ever been a priority for me. But man, they have dedication to get up SO early that they can manage breakfast, even with Rory’s commute to Hartford.

So WHERE is The Hungry Diner? Is it in Stars Hollow? How did they not know it was there? Does the owner come to town meetings? So many questions about this place!

So, being Margie is my dream job. I would love to be Richard Gilmore’s secretary/ assistant/ right hand gal! I understand Lorelai not wanting to give up her power at the Independence Inn, but really? I mean he pretty much told her she was Radar from MASH! I’m sure Richard was hurt that he was finally getting to bond with Lorelai, although under the pretenses of work, and had to let that go. I think they have trouble find common ground. I think his curt manner with her when she left was really him trying to cover up his feelings. All is redeemed during the Richard and Lorelai Father-Daughter moment after Richard “bags the Swede” and then melts my heart.

Dean definitley has anger issues. I can’t believe he kicked his own bag when he read Rory’s letter! Man, I say it so often, but chill out, Dean! Also, how did Dean know his Mom was making roast before he even got in the house? Clairvoyance. The best part about seeing Dean this episode was that I THINK I SAW HIS DAD! Is the fellow he drives up in the Dodge with his father? He greets Rory and heads into the house so he must be!

Dean and his Dad

Also…Carole King! So glad she was on the show; just talking about her makes the theme song jump into my head! Her presence sends Lane down the path to her new storyline. She was really into listening to music before, but since Carole let her sit at a drum set, Carole gets the credit!

S2:E19 Teach Me Tonight

We have two major events in this episode: Jess and Rory get in a car accident and Luke and Lorelai have a serious fight. My favorite part of the episode, however, is the running storyline about “Movie in the Square” night in Stars Hollow. Of course, we also get some Christopher moments and I never argue about those!

When the opportunity to tutor Jess falls into Rory’s lap, I feel pretty excited for her. He’s obviously going out of his way to turn the study session into a date, steering the conversation towards mutual interests, like music. When he won’t study and she finally lets loose getting ice cream and going for a car ride, I feel even more excited for her until the wreck because that sets off a series of disappointing events. It triggers the fight between Luke and Lorelai.

I have to say I think it’s reasonable of Lorelai to be upset that Rory was in an accident, but once she found out that her daughter wasn’t hurt, I think it would’ve been nice of her to ask Luke if Jess had been hurt as well. I think she went a little nutty having extra X-rays on Rory as well. At first, I was surprised that Luke sent Jess back to his mother, but I think he really did it because he loves Lorelai.

My heart does fall to the pit of my stomach when they show the damage Rory’s car incurred. I still think it was really inconsiderate of Lorelai to go looking to cause physical or mental damage to Jess when he could’ve been hurt as well. As for Jess, I don’t think he should’ve left Rory at the hospital alone. I suspect he hasn’t seen a good example of what it is to be responsible for another person. In the end, I feel bad for Luke. He no longer has Jess at home and no longer has Lorelai as a friend, for now at least.

Now a list of the best parts:

The running list of movie possibility between Lorelai and Rory is hilarious, but seeing Kirk’s short film is better. He’s really a staple on the show.

.Kirk's Film

Interesting that Christopher shows up when Lorelai and Luke are in a bad place in their friendship and they mend their own fight.

Patty choreographed Kirk’s dance.

What DID Jess do with all the baseballs?


S2:E18 Back in the Saddle Again


How exciting that Michel’s mother is also the Fresh Prince’s aunt! (No, I’m getting my wires crossed here.) It’s also exciting to see another side of Sookie: anger. However, we well know that event planning can bring an interesting brand of stress to even the sweetest of people. A simple typo can cause complete meltdown.

I like that Lane and Rory are both talking business and careers even though they are at different schools. It has to be difficult to maintain their friendship without that bond that comes from sharing classes.

Let me interject now: Good gravy Dean, how can someone do their homework and watch a sports event? Lay off, Clingy. Except for the car washing, keep that up. Who can argue with a shiny car?

I love-love that Richard gets to be in a large portion of this episode! As far as the business fair project goes, I like the idea of a lipstick LoJack more than a dazzling first aid kit, just saying. I noticed Rory and a few other group members didn’t even get to share their ideas, but Richard knows best on this subject.

Richard really went all out for their fake Board Meeting of the StyleAid company – a logo, projector and white board! And a nice, random shout out to Jane magazine. Richard should’ve actually started this company instead of being retired, or starting his new insurance business.

Man, oh man, Hanlin (Schnickelfritz) Charleston is really stingy about helping his friends out! I think he probably purposely didn’t pick Rory’s team because his personal friend, Richard, helped. This is just like how hard Charleston was on Rory when she first came to Chilton. He even specifically told her that his friendship wouldn’t be any help to her.

Even though I give Dean a hard time, I really do feel bad that his first high school relationship is going down the tubes. *Brief moment for Dean.*

Side note: Funny how Richard is working on an antique car after all of that car rebuild argument he made about Dean in a recent episode.

S2:E17 Dead Uncles and Vegetables

In the opening, I noticed that the phone is on different tables sometimes. There are times when it’s really close to the stairs on the desk, then times where it’s by the monkey lamp. Are there multiple phone jacks in the living room?


Lately, I’ve been really on Emily’s side. I guess I took a trip to “Emily Land” where we find Sookie when she goes all out planning her wedding with Emily’s help. It makes me upset that Emily doesn’t realize that she’s going beyond a budget that Sookie and Jackson could handle. It’s a sweet sentiment to help, but Emily really was not using her head on this one.

Speaking of of people helping each other in this episode, how lovely of Lorelai and Rory to lend their time to Luke to make the diner run smoothly while he plans his Uncle Louie’s funeral. My query here is how can Lorelai leave her job to do Luke’s job, and when is Rory studying for all these killer assignments and tests Chilton doles out? Remember when she first went to Chilton and struggled to get all her work done and pass that test for Max?

I have a hard time believing Taylor wasn’t aware of the long-haired fellow’s Cart, Kiosk, Cart-Kiosk permit. He tells Taylor he went through the proper channels, but wouldn’t that be Taylor? Isn’t he the channels? Doesn’t he approve everything? Well, I say, “Who cares? I’ll take any excuse for a town meeting!” I love to see Patty.

I think the parallels drawn between the personalities of Luke and Uncle Louie are evident, but then negated when the reenactment fellas come to the grave side service. They didn’t come to celebrate Louie. They came because of Luke, because he really isn’t exactly like his uncle.

I have to say my favorite moment in this episode is the town troubadour singing his rendition of Wham!’s hit, “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” because it seriously made me rewind a couple times to hear it again.

Wham! Cover

S2:16 There’s the Rub

So many things happening, where do I begin!

So, Emily is basically begging to bond with Lorelai, who’s just not having it. Emily pulled the old, “I won certifcates to a spa, but I don’t want to go until you say you do” trick. I wish Porelai would’ve just chilled out at the spa, but Emily was really overzealous. The most interesting part of their story line is the bar scene, well to me anyway. I totally agree with Emily about the sudden uncomfortable feeling she got from the bar fly turned bar creeper. I mean he was fun and flirty at first, but when he pressed his cheek to hers, I cringed.

Bar fly

Then, we see Paris turn into a friend for Rory. I thought it was really sweet of Jess to bring over food for Rory under the guise that it s from Luke. Although, he should probably be respecting Dean and Rory’s relationship, they are just high school kids, so what’s the harm? It’s kind of glossed over, but poor Paris, her family ignores her (except Nanny, of course), uses her as a pawn, and won’t even allow her to indulge in macaroni and cheese! It was really nice to see Jess, Rory and Paris discussing literature.

Luke's Care Package

We also see Dean becoming increasingly pushy. Rory asked for space, he didn’t give it to her, and then he got mad at her. He wouldn’t listen to her explaination, although she was really fumbling through it anyway. Ugh, chill Dean, chill.

And lastly, did Rory’s Indian food ever come? They said 40 minutes when she ordered, yet Paris had been there an hour and it hadn’t showed by then. What’s up with that Delivery service?

S2:E15 Lost and Found

On the surface this episode seems to be about the bracelet Dean made for Rory and Luke’s hunt for a bigger space to share with Jess, but there’s really a lot going on here. The episode really eludes to many deeper feelings.

First, I see Luke seemingly annoyed with the way Jess and his possessions make a huge mess in his tiny apartment above the diner. Then, what I realize is that Luke is almost afraid for when Jess will leave him, but he pretends that he just doesn’t want all the extra space when it is just him. I do appreciate his purchase of the building next door to block Taylor. But I think it was a three-fold decision: block Taylor, keep Jess comfortably and get to stay above the diner. I also don’t know how much I would like Taylor being my landlord, so smart move, Luke.

All of this talk about Luke living about the diner makes me curious about what happened to the house he grew up in. I’m sure he and Liz didn’t grow up living above his Dad’s hardware store in the office. Where is their house? Where did Luke live before his father passed away?

Next, looking at Rory, she seems desperate to find the bracelet Dean made her, even though she didn’t realize it was missing for two weeks. (Poor Dean, he hung around forever at the book fair for her.) I think Rory’s desperation obviously was guilt over her crush on Jess. I don’t understand why Jess just didn’t tell her he found it after she left their basket lunch and he just hadn’t given it to her yet. Of course, her first instinct was to lie to Dean about having a rash, made worse by the bracelet.

I am way surprised about Lorelai’s high-school-girl reaction to Jess when she accused him of stealing the bracelet. Going on and on about Rory loving Dean seemed pretty nutty and immature to me. I’m sure it all springs from her desire to keeping Rory from liking a “bad boy” type.

The deepest feelings in the episode come from Jess. He clearly doesn’t want to get to know Lorelai or like her because of his relationship with his own mother. I think he’s suspicious of her close relationship with Rory. He doesn’t understand it and is probably actually jealous of it. Thus, he doesn’t like Lorelai, but likely isn’t in tune with the real reason behind his feelings.

Coolest moment? Luke and the sledge hammer.Jess's Room


S2:E14 It Should’ve Been Lorelai

Let me start by saying, I miss pay phones! I am not surprised that Lane knows the number to the pay phone Rory walks by. I suspect she knows all the pay phone numbers in Stars Hollow since she is always engaged in some kind of subterfuge.

I am surprised Sookie has been friends with Lorelai for years, but has somehow never met Christopher! How has she never even seen his photo? That’s absurd. My best friends have seen photos of every old boyfriend I’ve ever had!

I do appreciate Paris and Rory doing something besides working on the Franklin newspaper, but this seems to be the only debate they have ever mentioned. Maybe there isn’t a regular, organized debate team.

OHMY. I don’t like Sherry. What nerve she has to tell Lorelai she doesn’t need to know anything about her. She is also very strange and pushy wanting to know all about Rory. Pushy, pushy, pushy.

I’m in total agreeance with Emily, “this woman” seems suspicious.

I wonder how Rory got Michelle to participate in the CD drop off scheme to Lane!

Zero hour. CD drop.

I hate that Christopher left being pretty sore at Lorelai. I think he was hoping she would say she liked him.

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