Many unconnected things are happening in this episode. Maybe they are all preludes to big change. Rory is compiling pros and cons between Yale and Harvard. Sookie is acting weirder than usual. Jess is moving up at Walmart. Lorelai has to handle the fire that threatens the future of the Independence Inn. Kirk has a new shirt business. Change is afoot in Stars Hollow!

“Babette ate oatmeal” – Kirk’s t-shirts

I wish I knew more than a few Edgar Allan Poe poems. Maybe there’s a connection between Poe, or a Poe poem and the fire at The Independence Inn that my limited Poe knowledge prevents me from seeing.

A big mystery to me in this episode is why Mia doesn’t show up. Is she only ever present to illustrate a point of contention between Emily and Lorelai? I mean, HER INN WAS ON FIRE. I feel like that warrants a trip to Stars Hollow. Or at least a phone call to tell her that the INN WAS ON FIRE. I feel like Mia has left Lorelai floating in the wind on this one or maybe it’s the other way around. It really doesn’t seem characteristic of the personality for Mia I’ve formed in my mind.