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March 2017

S3:E17 A Tale of Poes and Fire

Many unconnected things are happening in this episode. Maybe they are all preludes to big change. Rory is compiling pros and cons between Yale and Harvard. Sookie is acting weirder than usual. Jess is moving up at Walmart. Lorelai has to handle the fire that threatens the future of the Independence Inn. Kirk has a new shirt business. Change is afoot in Stars Hollow!

“Babette ate oatmeal” – Kirk’s t-shirts

I wish I knew more than a few Edgar Allan Poe poems. Maybe there’s a connection between Poe, or a Poe poem and the fire at The Independence Inn that my limited Poe knowledge prevents me from seeing.

A big mystery to me in this episode is why Mia doesn’t show up. Is she only ever present to illustrate a point of contention between Emily and Lorelai? I mean, HER INN WAS ON FIRE. I feel like that warrants a trip to Stars Hollow. Or at least a phone call to tell her that the INN WAS ON FIRE. I feel like Mia has left Lorelai floating in the wind on this one or maybe it’s the other way around. It really doesn’t seem characteristic of the personality for Mia I’ve formed in my mind.

S3:E16 The Big One

Pack your chastity belt, Gilmore! You’re going to Harvard! –Paris

The Big One is a fantastically entertaining episode! It’s filled with break downs, come backs and naps.

The episode is loosely based on announcements. Rory is waiting and hoping for the Big Envelope from the schools she applied to so she can announce when she has gotten into one. Sookie figures out and announces that she is pregnant.

Some of these announcements lead to the break downs of various characters. Kirk has a breakdown delivering the mail in a habitual and unorganized manner. Not directly related to anyone’s news, unless you count that he would be the carrier of any big envelope Rory is hoping to receive.

Sookie’s baby news directly leads to Jackson’s preemptive baby-safety break down where he tries to make her get rid of basic cooking tool necessities.  Mr. 4 Babies in 4 Years obviously wasn’t thinking things through.

The most heart wrenching, yet commical break down would be Paris announcing her rejection from Harvard while simultaneously announcing she did the deed with her boyfriend during what was to be a shining speech moment for she and Rory on C-SPAN.

Great moments include that Max is back! I love him! Smell ya’ later, Alex! Of course, the best moment of the episode is that Richard Gilmore took a nap during the C-SPAN debacle.


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