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February 2017

S3:E15 Face-Off


“It’s French.” – Rory

I find it very disappointing that after all of his efforts to snag Rory, Jess is not always ready to make plans with her. Why don’t they just have a standing date for every weekend?

OMIGOSH. Why am I still surprised that Lorelai is going on a date with that Alex? When is this going to taper off? As many times as I’ve watched this, I always forget about Alex.

I love the clever plots Dave and Lane come up with to see each other! Although I love it more that Dave gets jealous and runs across Stars Hollow to see Lane at the hockey game. Young love.

My favorite scene in this episode (besides seeing Patty and Babette singing the National Anthem and Kirk announcing the game details) is, without a doubt, when Emily catches Trix kissing the man in the purple jogging suit. I actually rewind this part a few times because her back out is hilarious.

Purple track suit
purple jogging suit smooch

Ugh. Lindsay. Ugh. Rory has her own green-eyed-monster if you ask me. I understand her jealousy since Jess doesn’t quite treat her as well as Dean did. At least Jess redeemed himself by getting tickets to something Rory would really like. BUT she didn’t take Lorelai’s advice by not addressing his behavior.


S3:E14 Swan Song

This episode makes me cringe in the way that one does when they want their favorite characters to do something different. Mainly, I would like Rory to just forget about Dean’s feelings. I’m not sure why she cares about them at this point. Harsh, but true since she did essentially choose Jess over Dean. The other cringeworthy action is Jess hiding how he obtained his black eye. Granted, I don’t think anyone would believe the swan incident, but he could’ve pulled out the football excuse when he needed to have dinner with Emily.

Oh, also, the lame Alex is back in this episode. I blame him for how bad Friday Night Dinner went because Lorelei wasn’t there to run interference.

I wish this episode would’ve been long enough so we could see the majority of Patty’s show so we could all buckle-up.

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