“It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s Super Jackson and his atomic pea tendrils!” — Sookie

The Feldster, Bung. When was Sookie doing this summer job and hanging out with these people? Is she not originally from Stars Hollow? I have no idea! But her guy friend knew about the “old 52 inch Viking” stove she has at the Independence Inn. What the heck? Did she take a summer off from the Inn to do this? Were they friends for a while after that summer and drifted? Let’s note here that Sookie’s date pantomime is fantastic. Exactly how I would do it.


Another note: I don’t like the coffee guy. He’s really lack luster after Lorelai’s other love interests. Although he does have the coffee going for him.

.Coffee guy meh.

For some reason, I hate the storyline with Francie and Rory’s secret meetings. I’m annoyed that they met (even if I like the Godfather references)…I must be Paris.

The way Rory tells Lorelai how you present the truth makes something not lying is a very interesting concept.

Of course, the best scene in the episode is undoubtedly when Emily reads aloud the transcript from Lorelai’s deposition. I wonder why Lorelai had to be the one to give a deposition on Emily’s behalf. Maybe someone at the DAR would’ve been more effective.Deposition reading