This episode is mildly laying the ground work for future Lane storylines. She has kind of a double-life as it is, but here we learn that Lane’s band will be practicing in Lorelai’s garage and that she is still a member of the Stars Hollow High Marching Band. Thus, we have defined the two sides of Lane.

Oh, Gran, back in Stars Hollow to ruin Emily’s week! I actually really like Gran and find her relationship with Richard to be very amusing. However, I like Emily more and the best scene in the entire episode is when Emily refuses to finish a course in the 12 minute eating allotment. Go, Emily, go!

My final thoughts are to tell Dean once again that he’s trying too hard. There was something exciting about Jess pursuing Rory, but Dean is not having the same effect. Now, I just want to tell Dean he should move on to the other fish in the Stars Hollow High sea. He shouldn’t want to date Rory anymore because she developed a crush on Jess while she was his girlfriend. Also, didn’t she kiss Jess at Sookie’s wedding while she was Dean’s girlfriend? (Well, Dean doesn’t know.) It’s hard to come back from that. Move on, Dean.