Well, so much for timing in my world! Last week was Thanksgiving in my world and in my blog world it’s Thanksgiving in Stars Hollow. I do find it surprising that Rory and Lorelai were invited to so many meals. I think back to Mrs. Kim’s disdain for Rory in the first season and have decided while she has become lighter towards Lane’s friendship with Rory, she’s gotten harder on Lane since the Henry debacle.

Another big question is who in the world are all the people dining with Sookie and Jackson. Where could he have gotten all of these strange, deep-frying friends? I do feel bad for Sookie, but happy to see at least she had a few drinks to chill out with.

Deep fryer

Attending Thanksgiving at Luke’s makes the most sense to me since a good portion of their meals are made in his kitchen anyway. To be fair, dinner with Emily and Richard seems right too since they mostly saw them on holidays before the Chilton-Friday-Night-Dinner requirement.

Food aside, Rory stifling the public displays of affection with Jess spells trouble to me. The jig is up, why hide it?

I also need to toss this out into the universe… Is Cat Kirk really a domesticated cat, or is Kirk mistaking another animal for a cat? Poor Kirk.

Cat Kirk