It’s safe to say that there are a lot of great moments to point to in this episode. Mostly from Lorelai. From her ability to hang out the window of her parent’s car just so she can drink her travel mug of coffee to her ingenuity with a paper clip to repair Emily’s skirt on the fly. But…

The real stand out moment to me is the smug look on Luke’s face when he believes he has really laid down the law to Jess about how he should conduct his relationship with Rory. See?

Smug Luke

Honorable mention moment goes to Richard. I appreciate his effort in thinking he would have to bamboozle Rory into the interview he set up for her at Yale. He’s so cute when he first talks about it to her after sneaking to the kitchen so they can eat chocolates together.

Finally, Jess and Rory, so cute to be so timid around each other after they are really free to pursue their relationship. I mean, I’m so excited about Jess when he puts the cigarette down and kisses Rory outside of Gypsy’s! Why, oh why would she ditch that and go try to apologize to Dean? Must be guilt.

Rory and Jess Kiss again!