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November 2016

S3:E9 A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving

Well, so much for timing in my world! Last week was Thanksgiving in my world and in my blog world it’s Thanksgiving in Stars Hollow. I do find it surprising that Rory and Lorelai were invited to so many meals. I think back to Mrs. Kim’s disdain for Rory in the first season and have decided while she has become lighter towards Lane’s friendship with Rory, she’s gotten harder on Lane since the Henry debacle.

Another big question is who in the world are all the people dining with Sookie and Jackson. Where could he have gotten all of these strange, deep-frying friends? I do feel bad for Sookie, but happy to see at least she had a few drinks to chill out with.

Deep fryer

Attending Thanksgiving at Luke’s makes the most sense to me since a good portion of their meals are made in his kitchen anyway. To be fair, dinner with Emily and Richard seems right too since they mostly saw them on holidays before the Chilton-Friday-Night-Dinner requirement.

Food aside, Rory stifling the public displays of affection with Jess spells trouble to me. The jig is up, why hide it?

I also need to toss this out into the universe… Is Cat Kirk really a domesticated cat, or is Kirk mistaking another animal for a cat? Poor Kirk.

Cat Kirk

S3:E8 Let the Games Begin

It’s safe to say that there are a lot of great moments to point to in this episode. Mostly from Lorelai. From her ability to hang out the window of her parent’s car just so she can drink her travel mug of coffee to her ingenuity with a paper clip to repair Emily’s skirt on the fly. But…

The real stand out moment to me is the smug look on Luke’s face when he believes he has really laid down the law to Jess about how he should conduct his relationship with Rory. See?

Smug Luke

Honorable mention moment goes to Richard. I appreciate his effort in thinking he would have to bamboozle Rory into the interview he set up for her at Yale. He’s so cute when he first talks about it to her after sneaking to the kitchen so they can eat chocolates together.

Finally, Jess and Rory, so cute to be so timid around each other after they are really free to pursue their relationship. I mean, I’m so excited about Jess when he puts the cigarette down and kisses Rory outside of Gypsy’s! Why, oh why would she ditch that and go try to apologize to Dean? Must be guilt.

Rory and Jess Kiss again!

S3:E7 They Shoot Gilmore’s, Don’t They?

It’s interesting how this intro scene directly pertains to the storyline in this episode. It’s not usually so up front.

“Madeline, or may I call you, “Spicoli”? — Paris Geller

Early in the episode, we get to see Jamie again and how Paris handles it when a boy actually likes her. It’s quite a change for her to be dazzled by a boyfriend. Especially enough to distract her from the 75th edition of the Franklin school newspaper. It’s good for Madeline and Louise, but not for Paris!

Ah, Lane calling and hanging up on Dave just to see if he’s home is so reminiscent of a simpler time of land lines without caller ID.

.Lane Call and Hang Up

The real beef of this episode happens during the dance marathon. Things get crazy, probably from lack of sleep! Sookie and Jackson fight over how many kids they should have, Andrew yells at this date, Taylor thinks he’s a magician, and Lorelai’s old/ new shoe breaks! Most intriguing though, we see the tension between Rory and Jess bubble over. Jess stares at Rory, Rory stares back. Dean stares at them, staring at each other. Tense, tense, tense! Also, I love the period costumes all the dancers are dressed in!

It’s hard for me to believe that Rory didn’t realize that she liked Jess. Very sad that Dean had to point it out to her. However, it was really terrible of him to dump Rory in front of everyone who was still awake at the dance marathon! Dean, always reacting in anger. Is the hour countdown board at the dance foreshadowing the end of Rory & Dean?  It certainly seems to be!How Long Will They Last?

I can’t help but be terribly excited for Rory and Jess when it’s all confirmed that they both like each other!

I also have a theory that Mrs. Kim knew all along that Dave was not a sandwich-loving, Christian boy. She is far too smart for that. I think she knew about Lane all along.

Did I mention I am also really happy Kirk won the dance marathon?

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