Squeegee Beckenheim! Tookie Clothespin! This is my favorite episode intro in the history of Gilmore Girls. It’s not only hilarious, but it also stirs up feelings of weekends when I was young enough that my older sister still lived at home. She and I have a Lorelai-Rory relationship. I could revel in the sentimental feelings elicited from this episode intro all day!

Im not sure how much Jess could’ve possibly paid for his car. Saving around what, $600? I can’t imagine it would be more than that…but Luke does have a good point with the insurance and extra expenses.  While watching,  I noticed that Kirk and I have the same level of car knowledge.

I have to point the guy busing tables at Luke’s out! Is this the original Caesar?

Caesar 1

I can’t say if I were Rory that I would want to go to a baby shower for Sherri if she’s the least but uncomfortable. I do know that if I were Lorelai, I would absolutely NOT attend! She’s too nice on this one. Back to if I were Rory, I would’ve let Lorelai rearrange anything she chose. In what weird world does Sherri think Lorelai would think of herself as Gigi’s aunt?

I agree with Rory’s idea that devil-egging the car would make her feel better. Nothing makes me laugh quite as hard as Lorelai and Rory making the noises of peeling out after devil-egging Jess’ car!

Devil egg

Oh! I wish someone would’ve run over to check out what the Town Loner was protesting!

Top quote of the episode:

 “I’m not afraid of your Bubbies, Rabbi.” — Taylor