Does the Independence Inn really need any more antiques? Does Lorelai really need to go to the auction? I guess if Emily “Cobra” Gilmore wants her there, she will be. Oh well, Michel’s enthusiasm makes up for Lorelai’s lack.

Dwight the neighbor seems a little bit like a murderer, popping up out of nowhere, claiming to live in Beanie Morrison’s old house. Then, luring Lorelai over in the pretense to water his lawn. Nah! Not in Stars Hollow! I’m not sure why Dwight didn’t ask Babette to water his lawn instead of Lorelai though. It seems more like something Babette would even volunteer to do and then tell everyone about his house decor. Of course, if that had happened, we wouldn’t have one of my top 5 Rory and Jess scenes.

What a great “meet-cute” over one glass of wine between Lorelai and Don Draper. Whoops, I meant Peyton! Too bad they didn’t work out, or that they didn’t wait for the Bowie concert to be their first date. Things probably wouldn’t have gone south after a Bowie concert. She also could’ve introduced the use of his nickname, Shamu and avoided a terrible row with Emily.

Oh my! (I’m fanning myself.) You could cut the tension with a knife in the scene where Jess and Rory get soaked from the lawn sprinklers. Young love! What a gesture for Jess to turn the water back on so Rory could still feign a need for Dean’s help.

Now, I’m going to go think about Peter Cutler all night.

Oh yeah, and…How about that schnitzel?!