I think the band practicing softly was a good idea since it worked so well for Lane. If Dave already likes Lane so much that he says he doesn’t want her to be their Pete Best, he needs to help her stay in the band! Also, I am so into Lane’s hip/moody closet hide out. I want to go in our walk-in right now and hang my very own, tiny disco ball and pull out a lava lamp.

Deb! The woman’s blonde hair must be a wig, but it cracks me up. One thing is for sure, she is definitely medium height. What is there really to say about her?

By the way, I have to comment on how beautiful Lane’s hair looks in this episode!

Lane pretty hair

Too bad Lorelai didn’t really even get to give the speech because she really made a ton of notecards for it. She probably should’ve just shut it down when all the kids started theorizing on whether Rory would’ve been Rory if Lorelai wasn’t pregnant in high school. No one wants helicopter moms on their tail! Luckily, Butch Danes was there to take over.

Back to Lane’s hair… That bleach and dye job, and second dye job should’ve destroyed the beauty of Lane’s hair… I’m glad it didn’t and that she got to momentarily rebel, if only in secret.

I should also touch on the overly obvious competition over mates building between Jess and Rory. Get on with it already! (Consider this my comment.)

My favorite part of this episode is Lorelai’s impression of Louis Armstrong.