I think Kirk was extremely polite and flattering in his own way. On one hand, I feel like Lorelai should’ve accepted his date…but on the other hand, that could’ve been the wrong kind of encouragement.

Side note: This is the best robe I’ve ever seen.¬†Speaking of Rory’s clothing, again with the black panty hose with the Chilton uniform ¬†instead if knee socks! I am forever shocked about this. Forever.

Best robe ever

I have to ask, what is up Rory’s sleeve in the first Student Council meeting? Literally, what is in her sleeve? I went back to check because I thought I spied a wrist tattoo!

Why is Francie Acting like she barely knows Rory and Paris? They were practically Puffs many moons ago! I think Rory should’ve just gone to Paris in the first place to tell her Francie had an agenda. Big mistake not to!

Speaking of talking to the wrong person, Lorelai should’ve just called Christopher and that would’ve cut Emily off at the pass. Although Emily’s heart was in the right place, her actions were out of line.

More side notes: How sweet is that photo of Richard and Rory from their golf-at-the-club day sitting by the answering machine?

Emily telling Christopher to get out is one of the best things we ever see her do! But I’m also a little sad because I like Christopher so much.

The confrontation between Jess and Rory and at Dosie’s Market sets the scene for the tense new version of their relationship.