I’m with Sookie on the wedding song. Very melodic and I too cannot imagine anyone listening to the lyrics when they are staring at everyone walking down the aisle at her wedding. So, now I must say…

“Oy, with the poodles already!”

That’s probably the most memorable line of the entire series and here we find it uttered in Season 2! It’s also fitting because there is so much to cover in this episode.

I am kind of sad that Luke isn’t being very friendly to Lorelai, although I understand his position after she flew off the handle and practically made him kick Jess out. However, I am also distracted because I’m fairly certain I have the same sweater from the GAP that Lorelai’s wearing. I also still wear it, so I’m doing a little math on the age of the sweater at this point in time.

On the subject of clothing during this episode, I am curious as to how Rory managed to get these panty hose on without runners while sporting the cast on her hand and wrist.

Clothing notes!

How random of Christopher to show up at Rory’s cast removal. Strange or convenient? Odder still if you notice Rory’s t-shirt has “strange” written across the front. I’m really surprised that Sookie accepts the kilt Jackson is supposed to wear in their wedding so quickly, but the subject does lead to a little flirtation between Christopher and Lorelai.

I couldn’t be more confused about what time it is when Lorelai comes downstairs and Rory accuses her eating table 5’s almonds. Lorelai seems to be wearing pajamas and Rory looks like she ready for Chilton. I see freshly brewed coffee (which means nothing for the time of day of a Gilmore Girl) and I could venture that’s morning light in the back window. The confusion is why is Paris calling while she is at school? Would kids be voting before school even starts? Seems odd to me for Paris to be at school, but that Rory isn’t.

This is such significant episode- there is so much to say:

– I absolutely think Christopher came to town to woo Lorelai since his relationship with Sherri is going down the tubes.

– I’m surprised Sookie shows up at the inn in her wedding dress and in full makeup. I do realize those dresses look more right when you have the makeup on though.

– Looking at Christopher and Lorelai together made me think about how Rory’s name could’ve/ maybe should’ve been Rory Hayden! (I can’t  believe this thought has never even crossed my mind over the years.)

– The exchange between Luke and Jess during his bid to return to Stars Hollow is pretty sweet. They clearly have a mutual like for one another. I wonder if Jess wants to be where Rory is, if he misses Luke, or wants to be away from his mother that much.

The saddest and most exciting moments of Season 2 happen in this episode! They lead everyone down different paths. Yes, I’m am referring to Lorelai being left by Christopher because Sherri is pregnant and the tears it brings to my eyes. Jess and Rory’s kiss is exhilarating because who would’ve expected her to initiate it! It sets the scene for future episodes.

Finally, the song “Waking After Midnight” performed by Lane, Maury and Kirk certainly lifts the spirits though.