How sweet it is for Sookie to make breakfast for our Gilmore Girls in light of Lorelai’s fight with Luke. I am totally surprised to find Jackson rather sleepy in her kitchen though. In my head, if Jackson is a produce man, he’s a farmer. Don’t farmers rise with the sun? Surely he should’ve been awake and on his way earlier. I also think it’s humorous that Sookie is wearing a chef’s coat at home!

I need to interject that we are now seeing a new “my life is rock” story arc open for Lane. The obsession with drumming leads her from now on. I also feel like it begins to lessen Lorelai and Rory’s focus on listening to good music. It just seems to take a backseat for them at this point.

Watching Lorelai cramming for her final test makes me shudder. I know the feeling of maximum capacity well. I like this scene because it reveals to me that the Gilmore Girls don’t just love coffee in quantity, but they also have a little coffee snobbery happening, hence the French press! To me, that’s fancy coffee. Also, maybe too much like cooking for them. If they ground their own beans for this I would be shocked.

Howdy French Press

Something else I’ve noticed about things around their house is that they must pull the tv out to watch it for movie nights. When Lorelai is celebrating the completion of her finals with margaritas, I notice that their tv is pushed off to the side of the fireplace! Although, my main focus during this scene is the random and seemingly mysterious call from Jess, who is in New York.

You can actually see the idea of skipping school to venture off to New York forming in Rory’s head while Paris complains when walking through the Chilton gates. I can hardly blame her though, I feel like the vague call from Jess the night before was practically an invitation to come and find him! It’s completely confirmed when Jess looks calm and pleased when she finds him in Washing Square Park!

Jess WSP

I think it’s wonderful that Emily wanted to take a video of Lorelai’s graduation ceremony. If she really didn’t want to be there, she wouldn’t have wanted to tape it to watch it again!

I know Lorelai really wanted Rory to be at her graduation, but in a way she ended up having a a really nice moment with her parents all to herself, watching her graduate. They have a real proud moment that almost brings tears to the eyes. I am sad she and Luke were in a fight because I feel like he would’ve attended otherwise.

Frankly  the saddest bit is that Rory left the Belinda-signed Bangles record on the bus! Insult added to injury!