For starters, I still think it’s a lovely concept that Lorelai and Rory get up early enough to go to breakfast together every morning. I only drank a glass of chocolate milk for breakfast when I was in high school, so this wouldn’t have ever been a priority for me. But man, they have dedication to get up SO early that they can manage breakfast, even with Rory’s commute to Hartford.

So WHERE is The Hungry Diner? Is it in Stars Hollow? How did they not know it was there? Does the owner come to town meetings? So many questions about this place!

So, being Margie is my dream job. I would love to be Richard Gilmore’s secretary/ assistant/ right hand gal! I understand Lorelai not wanting to give up her power at the Independence Inn, but really? I mean he pretty much told her she was Radar from MASH! I’m sure Richard was hurt that he was finally getting to bond with Lorelai, although under the pretenses of work, and had to let that go. I think they have trouble find common ground. I think his curt manner with her when she left was really him trying to cover up his feelings. All is redeemed during the Richard and Lorelai Father-Daughter moment after Richard “bags the Swede” and then melts my heart.

Dean definitley has anger issues. I can’t believe he kicked his own bag when he read Rory’s letter! Man, I say it so often, but chill out, Dean! Also, how did Dean know his Mom was making roast before he even got in the house? Clairvoyance. The best part about seeing Dean this episode was that I THINK I SAW HIS DAD! Is the fellow he drives up in the Dodge with his father? He greets Rory and heads into the house so he must be!

Dean and his Dad

Also…Carole King! So glad she was on the show; just talking about her makes the theme song jump into my head! Her presence sends Lane down the path to her new storyline. She was really into listening to music before, but since Carole let her sit at a drum set, Carole gets the credit!