We have two major events in this episode: Jess and Rory get in a car accident and Luke and Lorelai have a serious fight. My favorite part of the episode, however, is the running storyline about “Movie in the Square” night in Stars Hollow. Of course, we also get some Christopher moments and I never argue about those!

When the opportunity to tutor Jess falls into Rory’s lap, I feel pretty excited for her. He’s obviously going out of his way to turn the study session into a date, steering the conversation towards mutual interests, like music. When he won’t study and she finally lets loose getting ice cream and going for a car ride, I feel even more excited for her until the wreck because that sets off a series of disappointing events. It triggers the fight between Luke and Lorelai.

I have to say I think it’s reasonable of Lorelai to be upset that Rory was in an accident, but once she found out that her daughter wasn’t hurt, I think it would’ve been nice of her to ask Luke if Jess had been hurt as well. I think she went a little nutty having extra X-rays on Rory as well. At first, I was surprised that Luke sent Jess back to his mother, but I think he really did it because he loves Lorelai.

My heart does fall to the pit of my stomach when they show the damage Rory’s car incurred. I still think it was really inconsiderate of Lorelai to go looking to cause physical or mental damage to Jess when he could’ve been hurt as well. As for Jess, I don’t think he should’ve left Rory at the hospital alone. I suspect he hasn’t seen a good example of what it is to be responsible for another person. In the end, I feel bad for Luke. He no longer has Jess at home and no longer has Lorelai as a friend, for now at least.

Now a list of the best parts:

The running list of movie possibility between Lorelai and Rory is hilarious, but seeing Kirk’s short film is better. He’s really a staple on the show.

.Kirk's Film

Interesting that Christopher shows up when Lorelai and Luke are in a bad place in their friendship and they mend their own fight.

Patty choreographed Kirk’s dance.

What DID Jess do with all the baseballs?