How exciting that Michel’s mother is also the Fresh Prince’s aunt! (No, I’m getting my wires crossed here.) It’s also exciting to see another side of Sookie: anger. However, we well know that event planning can bring an interesting brand of stress to even the sweetest of people. A simple typo can cause complete meltdown.

I like that Lane and Rory are both talking business and careers even though they are at different schools. It has to be difficult to maintain their friendship without that bond that comes from sharing classes.

Let me interject now: Good gravy Dean, how can someone do their homework and watch a sports event? Lay off, Clingy. Except for the car washing, keep that up. Who can argue with a shiny car?

I love-love that Richard gets to be in a large portion of this episode! As far as the business fair project goes, I like the idea of a lipstick LoJack more than a dazzling first aid kit, just saying. I noticed Rory and a few other group members didn’t even get to share their ideas, but Richard knows best on this subject.

Richard really went all out for their fake Board Meeting of the StyleAid company – a logo, projector and white board! And a nice, random shout out to Jane magazine. Richard should’ve actually started this company instead of being retired, or starting his new insurance business.

Man, oh man, Hanlin (Schnickelfritz) Charleston is really stingy about helping his friends out! I think he probably purposely didn’t pick Rory’s team because his personal friend, Richard, helped. This is just like how hard Charleston was on Rory when she first came to Chilton. He even specifically told her that his friendship wouldn’t be any help to her.

Even though I give Dean a hard time, I really do feel bad that his first high school relationship is going down the tubes. *Brief moment for Dean.*

Side note: Funny how Richard is working on an antique car after all of that car rebuild argument he made about Dean in a recent episode.