In the opening, I noticed that the phone is on different tables sometimes. There are times when it’s really close to the stairs on the desk, then times where it’s by the monkey lamp. Are there multiple phone jacks in the living room?


Lately, I’ve been really on Emily’s side. I guess I took a trip to “Emily Land” where we find Sookie when she goes all out planning her wedding with Emily’s help. It makes me upset that Emily doesn’t realize that she’s going beyond a budget that Sookie and Jackson could handle. It’s a sweet sentiment to help, but Emily really was not using her head on this one.

Speaking of of people helping each other in this episode, how lovely of Lorelai and Rory to lend their time to Luke to make the diner run smoothly while he plans his Uncle Louie’s funeral. My query here is how can Lorelai leave her job to do Luke’s job, and when is Rory studying for all these killer assignments and tests Chilton doles out? Remember when she first went to Chilton and struggled to get all her work done and pass that test for Max?

I have a hard time believing Taylor wasn’t aware of the long-haired fellow’s Cart, Kiosk, Cart-Kiosk permit. He tells Taylor he went through the proper channels, but wouldn’t that be Taylor? Isn’t he the channels? Doesn’t he approve everything? Well, I say, “Who cares? I’ll take any excuse for a town meeting!” I love to see Patty.

I think the parallels drawn between the personalities of Luke and Uncle Louie are evident, but then negated when the reenactment fellas come to the grave side service. They didn’t come to celebrate Louie. They came because of Luke, because he really isn’t exactly like his uncle.

I have to say my favorite moment in this episode is the town troubadour singing his rendition of Wham!’s hit, “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” because it seriously made me rewind a couple times to hear it again.

Wham! Cover