So many things happening, where do I begin!

So, Emily is basically begging to bond with Lorelai, who’s just not having it. Emily pulled the old, “I won certifcates to a spa, but I don’t want to go until you say you do” trick. I wish Porelai would’ve just chilled out at the spa, but Emily was really overzealous. The most interesting part of their story line is the bar scene, well to me anyway. I totally agree with Emily about the sudden uncomfortable feeling she got from the bar fly turned bar creeper. I mean he was fun and flirty at first, but when he pressed his cheek to hers, I cringed.

Bar fly

Then, we see Paris turn into a friend for Rory. I thought it was really sweet of Jess to bring over food for Rory under the guise that it s from Luke. Although, he should probably be respecting Dean and Rory’s relationship, they are just high school kids, so what’s the harm? It’s kind of glossed over, but poor Paris, her family ignores her (except Nanny, of course), uses her as a pawn, and won’t even allow her to indulge in macaroni and cheese! It was really nice to see Jess, Rory and Paris discussing literature.

Luke's Care Package

We also see Dean becoming increasingly pushy. Rory asked for space, he didn’t give it to her, and then he got mad at her. He wouldn’t listen to her explaination, although she was really fumbling through it anyway. Ugh, chill Dean, chill.

And lastly, did Rory’s Indian food ever come? They said 40 minutes when she ordered, yet Paris had been there an hour and it hadn’t showed by then. What’s up with that Delivery service?