On the surface this episode seems to be about the bracelet Dean made for Rory and Luke’s hunt for a bigger space to share with Jess, but there’s really a lot going on here. The episode really eludes to many deeper feelings.

First, I see Luke seemingly annoyed with the way Jess and his possessions make a huge mess in his tiny apartment above the diner. Then, what I realize is that Luke is almost afraid for when Jess will leave him, but he pretends that he just doesn’t want all the extra space when it is just him. I do appreciate his purchase of the building next door to block Taylor. But I think it was a three-fold decision: block Taylor, keep Jess comfortably and get to stay above the diner. I also don’t know how much I would like Taylor being my landlord, so smart move, Luke.

All of this talk about Luke living about the diner makes me curious about what happened to the house he grew up in. I’m sure he and Liz didn’t grow up living above his Dad’s hardware store in the office. Where is their house? Where did Luke live before his father passed away?

Next, looking at Rory, she seems desperate to find the bracelet Dean made her, even though she didn’t realize it was missing for two weeks. (Poor Dean, he hung around forever at the book fair for her.) I think Rory’s desperation obviously was guilt over her crush on Jess. I don’t understand why Jess just didn’t tell her he found it after she left their basket lunch and he just hadn’t given it to her yet. Of course, her first instinct was to lie to Dean about having a rash, made worse by the bracelet.

I am way surprised about Lorelai’s high-school-girl reaction to Jess when she accused him of stealing the bracelet. Going on and on about Rory loving Dean seemed pretty nutty and immature to me. I’m sure it all springs from her desire to keeping Rory from liking a “bad boy” type.

The deepest feelings in the episode come from Jess. He clearly doesn’t want to get to know Lorelai or like her because of his relationship with his own mother. I think he’s suspicious of her close relationship with Rory. He doesn’t understand it and is probably actually jealous of it. Thus, he doesn’t like Lorelai, but likely isn’t in tune with the real reason behind his feelings.

Coolest moment? Luke and the sledge hammer.Jess's Room