Let me start by saying, I miss pay phones! I am not surprised that Lane knows the number to the pay phone Rory walks by. I suspect she knows all the pay phone numbers in Stars Hollow since she is always engaged in some kind of subterfuge.

I am surprised Sookie has been friends with Lorelai for years, but has somehow never met Christopher! How has she never even seen his photo? That’s absurd. My best friends have seen photos of every old boyfriend I’ve ever had!

I do appreciate Paris and Rory doing something besides working on the Franklin newspaper, but this seems to be the only debate they have ever mentioned. Maybe there isn’t a regular, organized debate team.

OHMY. I don’t like Sherry. What nerve she has to tell Lorelai she doesn’t need to know anything about her. She is also very strange and pushy wanting to know all about Rory. Pushy, pushy, pushy.

I’m in total agreeance with Emily, “this woman” seems suspicious.

I wonder how Rory got Michelle to participate in the CD drop off scheme to Lane!

Zero hour. CD drop.

I hate that Christopher left being pretty sore at Lorelai. I think he was hoping she would say she liked him.