I find it interesting that Lorelai and Richard both agree on kicking the same person out of their eternal resting place, but they can’t get on the same page during Richard’s visit to Stars Hollow!

I love Richard and I just want he and Lorelai to bond. Or maybe I just like his relationship with Rory. My grandpa and I were very close and I find similar relationships endearing. I find it sweet that Richard tries to give Lorelai advice at work. I want to give him a big hug when he tells her he will be “right over there” if she needs him.

All that said, I also agree with Richard when he is concerned when a high school age boy builds a car without help. He hasn’t even taken auto shop! Nice thought Dean, but I wouldn’t let me granddaughter drive that bucket of bolts either if he just rolled up and said he built it. Rory sees a sweet ride and Richard sees and insurance nightmare.

The story of Paris blowing the lid off small town censorship and The Rory Curtain, hilarious.

My final note is that I need to start wearing thick headbands again! They have been tucking hair back the entire episode!