This episode starts out so cheery and spreads the infectious happiness to me. Then, Lorelai puts her foot through a termite infested board in her porch and everything goes south. The song should’ve been a major clue all was not going to be well. Que Sera, Sera.

I will say I would’ve reacted like Kirk by moving off the porch. I hate any creepy-crawly insects. Particularly those causing silent damage.

I don’t know why Lorelai just wouldn’t take the loan from Luke. Well, I suppose her credit will get stronger through the loan Emily co-signed with her. Forget my argument. Talking about loans throughout the episode stresses me out.

I really enjoy Paris pursuing Rory’s PSAT results though. I only had to take the ACT, which seemed to be an easier process, so I can’t exactly compare my own scores. I do appreciate the desire to compare though. I was very competitive in high school, like Paris, but less aggressive.

Last but not least, my favorite joke of the episode is Rory’s recount of Mrs. Kim chasing her with a hose being akin to a scene in Silkwood.