Well, what can one point out about the Bracebridge Dinner? It is a hilarious episode filled with some over the top and unlikely situations. Namely that Dean’s mother bought Clara a dress especially for the dinner no one even knew they were having in advance. From Walmart, no less, which I have never heard mentioned being anywhere close to Stars Hollow. Did Dean’s mom hear about the dinner that morning, then pop over to Walmart?


I also find it unusual that Mrs. Kim makes a comment on people having “too much stuff” even though she runs an antique shop filled to the brim in her own home. Who am I to judge?

I do love this episode for one reason: Jess jumps into Rory’s sleigh! Melt my heart. I enjoy watching their young puppy eyes. Poor Dean though, Clara really ruins things for him in this episode because she really blocks him from Rory.

The harp player also makes me wish that they could’ve kept the Drella character.