Run Away, Little Boy is, to me, an episode of transition. We see the process of closure on the relationship of Lorelai and Max, Tristan’s exit, and a new page in the relationship of Luke and Lorelai.

First of all, poor Fernando the Ice Cream maker. I relate closely to Lorelai’s tendency to personify inanimate objects, so I really felt for the little guy. Trying to return the ice creamer maker to an unknown wedding gift-giver shows Lorelai’s determination to clear her conscious of ending her relationship with Max. Ultimately this leads her to share some warm words with Luke at the end of the episode. Of course, she has to date a younger man and be teased about it first.

Which leads me to discuss the feelings of jealousy pulsing throughout the episode. Luke becomes jealous of the young man Lorelai casually dates and his behavior clearly shows it. Then, we switch to the tension between Rory and Dean over Tristan’s pursuit of Rory. We have witnessed Dean becoming increasingly jealous of the boys Rory keeps company with occasionally. I feel that the last couple of episodes have been set up to replace the impending void of Tristan with Jess in that we see Jess becoming more mischievous and aggressive about Dean and Rory’s relationship. When we first were introduced to Jess, he was more into reading and sort of mysterious. They need a character to cause a little trouble with Dean and it seems that Jess will fit the bill.

This also leads to my thoughts about Dean’s transition to Total Hothead. There was a glimpse of his temper early on in the series when Rory took Dean to her dance and Tristan started an altercation. He’s fully moved on to the ready-to-fight mode. I think Dean gets bent out of shape over everything. I would think that would make him less attractive to Rory. I also believe she had every right to kiss Tristan at the party after Dean broke up with her, she shouldn’t feel bad about it or like she should’ve disclosed it at an earlier time.