What an episode of foreshadowing and parallels! From the pre-opening credits scene we see suggestions of what will unfold. First, Lorelai’s diner talk with Rory about Luke never dating suggests that the episode will cast a light on the subject. Second the placement of the giant bell on Headmaster “Schnickelfritz” Charleston’s desk. Hardly something one would want in front of them all day. Must be an object of importance in the episode.


We get to see both Rory and Lorelai being brave enough (forced) to interact with groups of women they wouldn’t necessarily have joined on their own. Lorelai with the Boosters and Rory with the Puffs.

Lorelai’s interaction with the Boosters also lows us to see a flit of jealousy when it comes to the romantic interests of Luke. In the diner at the top of the show, Lorelai mused that he would be alone forever only to have her fellow Booster develop a crush on him later in the episode! Interesting.

I have to ask how the Puffs have never been caught ringing Charleston’s bell before. I wonder if he’s been onto them for years and that maybe he just installed a security camera to catch them this year. I also loved the lack of enthusiasm on Rory’s part before she gets caught ringing the bell.

Other notes:

My heart was full of joy when I saw how much Emily enjoyed walking in the fashion show with Lorelai.

All the references to famous Puffs members through Chilton’s history made me laugh.

Was that Jamie from Charles in Charge at the Boosters meeting?


Go Emily