Ah, another Christopher episode. I love to see him in their lives in the early episodes! He and Lorelai dance and it’s lovely! I’ve also had a couple thoughts that don’t have that much to do with the overarching stories of Rory coming out to society, tension between and Emily and Richard, and the chemistry between Lorelai and Christopher.

What I first noticed was in the diner. Who are all these people wandering around Stars Hollow in Luke’s Diner? I mean, I see the extras milling around, but are these people attending town meetings? Do they all know Lorelai? I just need to pay more attention to the population of this town.

Extra people

The other thing I noticed that the hall/ room (what to call it?) where the girls get presented to society is very familiar. I think we saw it when Dean and Rory went to her formal. You’d think they would recognize the place! I’m fairly certainly we see it again a couple more times, like when Richard and Emily renew their vows in a future season. I almost feel like it has a Chilton feel. Must be all the wood.

In all seriousness, I’m really sad to hear Christopher share that he’s in a serious relationship. I really want Lorelai and Christopher to get together at this point in the series! Why does he let her kiss him? That really gets to me!