I just realized how strange I find it that Lane and Rory are ready for school so early. My high school started at 8am and I always wanted to be there at 7:30am, just in case I forgot to do something. (My friends always say I made up assignments so I could take all my books home.) So, I understand how anxious Rory is for the first day of school. Still, I can’t imagine being completely prepared for school and going to a diner for breakfast everyday. WAIT! How are those Boy Scouts not beginning their school year? Maybe because Rory is at private school, which begins earlier.

Little bit of a plot hole here. Luke refers to his nephew’s father as a guy she picked up at a der wiener schnitzel that left his sister only two years before. Because I have watched the show before (a time or two, or more) I know that Jess doesn’t even know what his dad looks like, so it couldn’t possible be his dad that Luke is referring to. So, I’ll give Luke the benefit of the doubt here and assume he’s referring to one of Liz’s boyfriends as the Wiener schnitzel. Although he does say she married a Hot Dog King. All very confusing.

I liked Jess from the moment his bad ass stepped off the bus, I think I made the same dopey smile Luke did.

Max and Rory’s interview made me sad.

Luke pushed Jess into the lake!

Pierpont is lost, then found.

“I thought you said you didn’t read much.” … “Well, what is much?”

The end.