I am so glad to be back on my Gilmore Girl schedule after a week in sunny Destin, Florida!

Let me first harken back to S1:E19 where Sookie refers to the future Dragonfly Inn as a bed and breakfast.  “The Road Trip to Harvard” simply shuts that thought down. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore spend the first half of this episode sharing their disdain for bed and breakfast establishments while lodging at The Cheshire Cat B & B. They clearly didn’t want to ring Ladawn’s desk bell.

I do love when they visit Harvard and tons of people (6) are wearing the same Harvard shirt. I get so excited for Rory looking forward to college and it makes me think about before I knew what I wanted to study in college. I did wonder if the trip made Lorelai feel like she missed on something and watching this time, I finally figured out that she did! I always thought that Lorelai was looking at the portraits imagining Rory’s face being on the valedictorian wall in the future, but this time, I noticed the year said 1990, which I believe would be around when Lorelai would’ve graduated college, had she attended.

So sad, and when they return to see the chuppah in front of their house and then my heart falls out! Then my heart goes back in my chest when we see Lane and Luke.