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May 2016

S2:E6 Presenting Lorelai Gilmore

Ah, another Christopher episode. I love to see him in their lives in the early episodes! He and Lorelai dance and it’s lovely! I’ve also had a couple thoughts that don’t have that much to do with the overarching stories of Rory coming out to society, tension between and Emily and Richard, and the chemistry between Lorelai and Christopher.

What I first noticed was in the diner. Who are all these people wandering around Stars Hollow in Luke’s Diner? I mean, I see the extras milling around, but are these people attending town meetings? Do they all know Lorelai? I just need to pay more attention to the population of this town.

Extra people

The other thing I noticed that the hall/ room (what to call it?) where the girls get presented to society is very familiar. I think we saw it when Dean and Rory went to her formal. You’d think they would recognize the place! I’m fairly certainly we see it again a couple more times, like when Richard and Emily renew their vows in a future season. I almost feel like it has a Chilton feel. Must be all the wood.

In all seriousness, I’m really sad to hear Christopher share that he’s in a serious relationship. I really want Lorelai and Christopher to get together at this point in the series! Why does he let her kiss him? That really gets to me!

S2:E5 Nick + Nora/ Sid + Nancy

I just realized how strange I find it that Lane and Rory are ready for school so early. My high school started at 8am and I always wanted to be there at 7:30am, just in case I forgot to do something. (My friends always say I made up assignments so I could take all my books home.) So, I understand how anxious Rory is for the first day of school. Still, I can’t imagine being completely prepared for school and going to a diner for breakfast everyday.¬†WAIT! How are those Boy Scouts not beginning their school year? Maybe because Rory is at private school, which begins earlier.

Little bit of a plot hole here. Luke refers to his nephew’s father as a guy she picked up at a der wiener schnitzel that left his sister only two years before. Because I have watched the show before (a time or two, or more) I know that Jess doesn’t even know what his dad looks like, so it couldn’t possible be his dad that Luke is referring to. So, I’ll give Luke the benefit of the doubt here and assume he’s referring to one of Liz’s boyfriends as the Wiener schnitzel. Although he does say she married a Hot Dog King. All very confusing.

I liked Jess from the moment his bad ass stepped off the bus, I think I made the same dopey smile Luke did.

Max and Rory’s interview made me sad.

Luke pushed Jess into the lake!

Pierpont is lost, then found.

“I thought you said you didn’t read much.” … “Well, what is much?”

The end.

S2:E4 The Road Trip to Harvard

I am so glad to be back on my Gilmore Girl schedule after a week in sunny Destin, Florida!

Let me first harken back to S1:E19 where Sookie refers to the future Dragonfly Inn as a bed and breakfast. ¬†“The Road Trip to Harvard” simply shuts that thought down. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore spend the first half of this episode sharing their disdain for bed and breakfast establishments while lodging at The Cheshire Cat B & B. They clearly didn’t want to ring Ladawn’s desk bell.

I do love when they visit Harvard and tons of people (6) are wearing the same Harvard shirt. I get so excited for Rory looking forward to college and it makes me think about before I knew what I wanted to study in college. I did wonder if the trip made Lorelai feel like she missed on something and watching this time, I finally figured out that she did! I always thought that Lorelai was looking at the portraits imagining Rory’s face being on the valedictorian wall in the future, but this time, I noticed the year said 1990, which I believe would be around when Lorelai would’ve graduated college, had she attended.

So sad, and when they return to see the chuppah in front of their house and then my heart falls out! Then my heart goes back in my chest when we see Lane and Luke.

S2: E3 Red Light on the Wedding Night

imageThis episode makes me so happy at first and then sad. I’m always really excited when Lorelai is sporting her pig tails and Max is being so cute. Then, when she calls Christopher from her bachlorette party, you know bad news is around the corner.

I keep thinking if Michel hadn’t invited Emily then Lorelai’s feet would’ve remained at room temperature. Thus, I blame Michel for the demise of Max and Lorelai’s relationship. I do have to wonder, if the clown pillow that appears when Max moves out of the frame early in the episode is just a foreshadowing that he would later play the fool.

S2:E2 Hammers and Veils

I like this episode for many reasons. I’m excited to see Lane’s stash being dropped off at Rory’s. Makes me think she couldn’t fit all her secret things in the floor boards while she is in Korea.

I also really like it because I happened to be looking away from the screen when Rory entered the construction site and who do I discover with my keen sense of hearing, but Tom! I can’t believe I did not recognize him before. (All the more reason to watch the series repeatedly.) I love Tom’s demeanor when he’s working on the Dragonfly Inn, so I was really excited to see him early in the series! He doesn’t have a beard in this episode, and his hair seems darker, but I’m pretty sure it’s him.

And of course, I like the way Max tries to smooth things over with Emily by inviting her to dinner with his parents. Very cute, Max.

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