In this episode, Rory and Dean have their 3 month anniversary (that concept is strange enough) and they also break up. But really, having already seen the series a few times, there are all kinds of little things that jump out at me.

First of all, the changes in Richard and Emily’s house disturb me. In the first season, we see their house with a lot of white paint and some of the doorways appear to change in the future. The dining room, for instance has a wall across from Loralei (where Rory normally sits, but not in this episode) that just vanishes in future seasons. It also transforms from a white room to a wood paneled room later. Also, the sitting room where they always have drinks later develops a staircase in future seasons. Did Richard and Emily move to a new house and I missed it? No! Lorelai grew up in this house!

There are additional questions that plague me by episode 16. We see Harry, the mayor of Stars Hollow during Season 1, but where the heck does he go? Near the end of the series, we see Taylor in charge of the town as Town Selectsman, is there suddenly no mayor? Is this a town or a village? What are the zoning rules that allow for a mayor? Confusion has me. Moreover, what is Miss Patty’s official role in the town? When I see a podium, I typically see Miss Patty nearby.

Rachel’s presence in Stars Hollow makes me wonder when did Luke begin dating Anna and conceiving that April Nardini. Was it before or after Rachel? There is too much math on this one. I’ll have to pay attention to April’s birthday when I get near the end of the series.

I have also noted Lorelai’s Duran Duran poster is still on her bedroom door in this episode. I like to think it is sweet that they kept her room the same even after she left home.

Even through all these thoughts, the real question in the episode is where is Rory stowing her New Yorker magazine? Dean asks her what reading materials she brought. I am skeptical that she has anything at all with her except for a suspiciously empty-looking, hot pink purse. Where is the magazine? Aren’t those 8 1/2 x 11 inches?