I love this episode because Christopher comes across as a sexy, motorcycle riding, seemingly carefree fellow with his heart on his sleeve. We also get to see that although he is so cool, he also doesn’t quite have his life together. I don’t know the price of the Oxford English Dictionary, but obviously it was too steep for Christopher’s lifestyle.

However excited I am to see Christopher, my query is again related to Dean. A few episodes ago, Lorelai tells Dean that Rory’s not going to be riding his motorcycle and Dean responds with, “I don’t have a motorcycle.” Episode 15 begs to differ. When Dean and Christopher meet, he reveals that he in fact does have a motorcycle, an ’86 Suzuki no less! I would say it doesn’t really compare to Christopher’s Indian, but what do I know about motorcycles?

Was Dean holding out on Lorelai episodes ago? Or did her rule prompt him to seek out a two-wheeled death machine of his own?

This episode is also the beginning of my dreams of Christopher and Lorelai getting together for real. I do like Luke though, but like Lorelai, my feelings on the matter wax and wane throughout the series.