I’ve started watching the Gilmore Girls series again. I have watched it all the way through several times. So much so that I feel like I need to record the questions that pop into my head during each episode. I’m already on episode 14, so I will start there.

I noticed Dean calls Rory on Babette’s landline when she is cat-sitting. How does Dean know this phone number? Since it is probably 2001 perhaps Babette’s number is still published in the white pages of the Stars Hollow phone book. Does Dean have her house number programmed in his cell phone, or does he have it memorized? Does he have a phone book in his car? There was a time I knew all my friends phone numbers by heart, but would Dean have remembered Babette’s number? Why does Rory feel comfortable enough to answer Babette’s phone?

Also, where did Rory find her “Donna Reed” dress? Where did the crinoline come from? My guess would have to be Miss Patty.